Why You Should Be A Cactus

You are probably aware that we are currently in the month of October, or, as any form of social media would call it, Halloween Season. And since a lot of people celebrate by dressing up as random things, I’m here to tell you what we should all be…cacti.

A couple years ago, I was leafing through one of my sister’s magazines, Stone Soup. Stone Soup is a magazine written by children that features poems, short stories, artwork, and book reviews. The particular issue I was reading included a story related to American internment camps in World War II.

At the end of the article, there was a poem written by a Japanese-American teenage girl, Kimii Nagata. The poem was titled Be Like The Cactus. It explained how a cactus can survive any weather. It will stand tall and proud and not be beaten down.

For some reason, this poem stuck with me, and to this day I can still recite it from memory. I hope this inspires you like it inspired me.

– Eden

Read Be Like The Cactus here

And lastly… you know I can’t resist 😀 :

cactus humor



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  1. Daí a importância em saber que é otimizar.


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